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Animal Crackers

1.16 Miles
5' Ascent
1,120' Descent
11,063' High
9,949' Low
100% Sngltrk
Elevation View

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About Animal Crackers

This difficult trail is one of the most advanced in the Snowmass Bike Park. Littered with steep descents, rocks gardens and off-camber traverses this almost two mile downhill is a favorite for those seeking a challenge.


Note: This is a downhill only trail


Parking is available in the Snowmass Base Village parking structure as well as in the numbered parking lots located between the Mall and Base Village.

Trail Conditions

Animal Crackers opens on 06/21/2020

More about Animal Crackers

Rentals & Service

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Travel & Parking

Getting to Snowmass is easy and getting to the trailhead is even easier. Snowmass Village boasts plentiful free parking at multiple locations making it hassle-free to get out of your vehicle and on to your ride.

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